Rick's Air Paradise



Rick's Air Paradise
Contact Gabby's Island Adventures at
Aloha Lagoon Resort Ext. 72
Our birds are Eco-Star, the worldwide preferred touring helicopter, seating 6 individuals in first-class comfort, with 180° wrap-around views.
Rick's Air Paradise has a ★★★★★ (5 star) safety rating.
Aviation-grade headphones allow communication between you and your pilot.


"Our day with Rick's Air Paradise was the best time we had on the island. Our pilot, Rick, was an absolute dreamboy. He made me and my sorority sisters feel like royals. We'd all go again and again and again. Later, Rick!"
—Bella Flagler

"It was my first helicopter flight, but our pilot, Rick, made me feel like I was in the safety of my father's own arms, or maybe brother, younger brother, well, not that much younger."
—Susannah Whaley

"Rick Dawson and Rick's Air Paradise rock. He was the coolest dude and showed me and my bros an awesome time. Hey, Rick, shaka brah."
—Jason Turner.

Our Tours

Windward Coastal Waterfalls and Valleys (1 hr. duration)
$275.00 per person
Advance reservations price: $250.00
(5 days advance booking required)
Rainforests, lush valleys, pristine beaches, and coral reefs.

Circle Island and Volcanoes (2 hrs. duration)
Advanced reservation price: $450.00
(5 day advance booking required)
Plantations, orchards, beaches, coastal valleys & rainforests, volcano craters.

Island Hops—Call for prices

Special Charters available—$1749.00 per hour.

Senior Discounts Available.
Check out our virtual flights online.

Read more about Rick's Air paradise in Murder on the Aloha Express by Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens!