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Beachboy Murder

Just as travel agent turned reluctant sleuth Gabby LeClaire is starting to gain some of the Aloha spirit, a business consortium from Chicago breezes into the Aloha Lagoon resort and offers to buy her business. The offer is tempting...but so is hot helicopter pilot Rick Dawson, making it a difficult decision.—one that becomes even more complicated when a dead body is discovered in Gabby's own backyard, and she's suddenly thrust in the middle of a murder investigation!

The dead man is a former beachboy attendant from the island. But as Gabby and her friends quickly learn, his colorful past as a professional escort extends from Hawaii all the way to the women of Chicago—including those in the business consortium. With a trail of broken hearts—not to mention jealous rivals—leading up to the beachboy, Gabby tries to uncover just who had it in for the late lothario. Is the female of the species really more deadly than the male? Or has he scorned one too many women for some other man's liking? Gabby treads a fine line as she seeks the truth behind the beachboy's shady past to come face to face with a killer!

Available June 5th!

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