Autumn Season

Aloha Lagoon Staff Photographer
A twentysomething redhead, this free-spirited gal loves photography. She's moved from freelancing to a full-time position with the Aloha Lagoon Resort and absolutely loves working with her pal Jimmy Toki and a new sidekick, Julia "Juls" Kekoa. Being reared in a houseful of brothers—four, to be exact—along with a set of parents who seem permanently stuck in the 60s, Autumn finds that observing nature is an exercise in keeping her sanity and a way to get out on her own. With an old box camera, inherited from her mom, in hand, she learns to document the wonders around her...and to create works of art. Leaving her mainland home for the islands seems completely natural—pardon the pun—when it comes time to set out on her own, and the rest, as they say, is history. Autumn's built up quite a portfolio as she's snapped tourists and celebs and volcanos and flowers. The Aloha Lagoon Resort is lucky to have snagged her, as Jules tells her, and she's beginning to believe it. Life is beautiful for Autumn Season.

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