Gabby LeClair

Gabby's Island Adventures
Gabrielle "Gabby" LeClair was once a managing vice-president at Corporate Worldwide Travel in Chicago, Illinois. But her job didn't begin at nine or end at five—she worked around the clock. It cost her her marriage and friends. Her empty life was going nowhere fast until her boss convinced her to move to Aloha Lagoon in Hawaii. She did and bought a small tour company at the Aloha Lagoon resort, renamed it Gabby's Island Adventures, and set up shop.

But structured Gabby is a fish out of water in the shaka brah mentality of the islands. That's too bad because an attitude adjustment and lifestyle change is just what Gabby needs. But how long can an uptight big city girl stay that way in the hang loose, aloha of the islands? Our Gabby definitely puts that question to the test.

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