Jimmy Toki

Aloha Lagoon Head of Security
Born to a Tongan dad and a Hawaiian mom, this huge hunk of a man stands six foot five and hovers around 250 pounds of pure muscle. His friend Autumn Season knows that his tough shell hides a tender side that not many have seen. He grew up on the island, practically living in the water from the time he could walk. The Toki family boasts a few champion surfers among its members, and although Jimmy isn't one of them, he still prefers being out on his board to hanging out on the beach. In the meantime, Jimmy's job as Head of Security at the Aloha Lagoon Resort is going strong, and he is the one who suggests that Autumn be considered for the position as the resort's in-house photographer. Whether he'll admit it or not, this teddy bear intends to keep a close eye on her!

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