The Danger Cove Mysteries

Secret of the Painted Lady A DC Renovation Mystery
Alex Jordan gets more than she bargained for when a body turns up in her latest home restoration project.
Death by Scones A DC Bakery Mystery
When someone dies at the Cinnamon Sugar Bakery, Riley Spencer has her work cut out for her finding the real killer!
Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai A DC Hair Salon Mystery
A death at Cassidi Conti's hair salon leaves everyone in town a suspect...and Cassidi playing amateur detective!
Tree of Life and Death A DC Quilting Mystery
The holidays are killer for Keely Fairchild when a dead body turns up at a Christmas quilting workshop.
Passion, Poison & Puppy Dogs A DC Pet Sitter Mystery
When Lizzie Jones's latest pet sitting job turns deadly, it's up to her and her faithful pug, Vadar, to catch a killer!
Robbing Peter to Kill Paul A DC Quilting Mystery
When a quiltmaker is murdered, Keely Fairchild suspects that the quilts hold the key to the woman's death.
Heroes and Hurricanes A DC Cocktail Mystery
Lilly waters gets more than she bargained for when she takes a job at the Smugglers' Tavern...that ends in murder!
Divas, Diamonds & Death A DC Pet Sitter Mystery
With a pignapper, thief, and murderer in Danger Cove, pet sitter Lizzie Jones is on the case!
A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch A DC Farmers' Market Mystery
When a woman dies on the lighthouse cliff, it's up to Maria Dolores to find her killer!
Murder and Mai Tais A DC Cocktail Mystery
When the owner of the Smugglers' Tavern is found murdered, chief bartender Hope Foster is the prime suspect.
Four-Patch of Trouble A DC Quilting Mystery
Quilt appraiser Keely Fairchild finds herself in a bind when a local quilt dealer winds up dead.
Killer Closet Case A DC Bed & Breakfast Mystery
When a body falls out of a closet in Bree Milford's B&B, she finds herself searching for a killer.
Killer Colada A DC Cocktail Mystery
When Hope Foster finds the lifeless body of a holistic therapist next to a killer cocktail, it's up to her to find out the any cost!
A Novel Death A DC Bookshop Mystery
When an author dies at Meri Sinclair's bookshop, she's got to catch a killer before he comes back for a sequel!
Sinister Snickerdoodles A DC Bakery Mystery
When Maura Monroe discovers the Cinnamon Sugar bakery, she uncovers a small town mystery too!
A Death in the Flower Garden A DC Farmers' Market Mystery
When Maria Dolores takes over the Farmers' Market the last thing she expects to find is a dead body!
A Slaying in the Orchard A DC Farmers' Market Mystery
A body in the pear orchard has Maria Dolores's boyfriend, Merle, suddenly in hot water!
Deadly Dirty Martinis A DC Cocktail Mystery
A murdered Chicago mob boss throws a wrench in Lilly Waters' Thanksgiving plans!
Tequila Trouble A DC Cocktail Mystery
Celebrity chefs, blackmail, and a dead newlywed have Lilly Waters nosing out trouble at the Smugglers' Tavern...and a killer!