Craggy Hill Estates

Craggy Hill Estates

Gated Community
24 hour security
Gym, Pool, Tennis Courts
Resort living in a small town!
call today: 555-6798

Come explore out resort-like gated community and live among the movers and shakers of Danger Cove. Exclusive and highly secure, we offer a host of amenities just outside of downtown Danger Cove. Whether you're hard at work or hard at play, come home to luxury at Craggy Hill. And when you're not at home, know that we'll be watching out for your property...and your pets! Lizzie Jones offers local pet sitting services with quality care and comparable rates.

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Craggy Hill supports several local causes, including the Second Chance Animal Rescue. Fran Upton runs the town animal rescue. No kill—no way are the words she lives and breathes by. Money's always tight, but somehow she manages to make ends meet and can always find a cup or two of kibble for a wayward soul.

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