Smugglers Tavern

Smugglers Tavern

1157 Craggy Hill, Danger Cove
Operating hours:
10am-Midnight Tues-Sun
Closed on Mondays

The exact date of the building is unknown, but legend has it that the Smugglers' Tavern was built in In the early 1800 after the U.S. Congress placed an embargo on importing English goods. In order to bypass embargo, the British shipped their teas, food, opium, clothes, and medical supplies to the U.S. and smuggled them into Danger Cove.

Years later, the Smugglers' Tavern was also used again as a hub of smuggling activity to transport and distribute moonshine after the U.S. Congress passed the law prohibiting the sale of alcohol.

The tavern now features year round fresh seafood, signature cocktails, and indoor and outdoor seating.

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