Meet the Locals

Meet...Adam Whitaker!

Youre welcome to take a kitten home, if youre interested. Or take two - theyre small.

Adam Whitaker is a native of the Pacific Northwest, who was lured away to Southern California for several years to play professional hockey. When that career ended, he went back to his original plan and became a veterinarian. He migrated back north when he saw that the Danger Cove Animal Clinic was for sale. Adam has always liked animals more than people—they're more honest, less complicated, and generally easier to get along with.

While Adam's strong and silent demeanor can be seen as gruff, that hasn't stopped his receptionist, Holly Cantrell, from attempting to find him a two-legged companion.

"He can be a little grumpy, but that's because he just hasn't found the right woman yet," Holly says. "And he's always good with the patients."

Adam is not interested in Holly's matchmaking. He's too busy for that. Though he's going to make time to join the new book club at Dangerous Reads. Who knows? Maybe he can get to know the new bookstore owner a little better...

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