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Meet...Amy Spannagel!

I sew all my own clothes, and I make a mean schweinebraten. Oh, and did I mention that I'm single?

Amy Spannagel, the assistant librarian at the Danger Cove Library, is a Seattle native and hopeless romantic. She holds a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington, where she also earned a bachelor's degree in Germanics with a minor in French. Head Librarian and thirty-year library veteran Ben Bardsley hired Amy for the position two years ago. "She's a bit of a daydreamer," Mr. Bardsley grumbled, "but she knows her way around the Dewey Decimal System. And she's no retiring flower," he added with a curt nod. "She can split an apple with a bow and arrow at a hundred paces, so you'd better think twice before you dog-ear or doodle in a library book on her watch." Amy pushed up her glasses with her finger. "I take my take my job very seriously," she said with a nervous glance at Mr. Bardsley. "But I'm into a lot more than books and archery. I sew all my own clothes, and I make a mean schweinebraten." She gave a satisfied smile. "Oh, and did I mention that I'm single?" So, all you bibliophiles and bachelors be sure to stop by the library and say hello. But book defacers, steer clear!

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