Meet the Locals

Meet...Dee Madison!

Im too old to worry about dying. At least when it happens to other people.

Dee Madison is a life-long resident of Danger Cove and the president of the local quilt guild. At eighty-three years old, she has a schedule that most twenty-somethings would find exhausting. She makes several quilts a year, teaches weekly quilting classes and organizes the annual quilt show that draws nationally-known instructors and international visitors.

"I couldn't do it without my friend Emma Quinn," she is quick to point out. "She's really the power behind the throne."

Madison doesn't plan to slow down any time soon. "Now that the museum is acquiring more quilts and we have our very own certified quilt appraiser living in Danger Cove, there's so much more for me and Emma to do."

While she wouldn't admit it, Madison seems to have matchmaking on her agenda too. During her interview, she kept brushing aside questions about her own life to concentrate on other people. She was particularly interested in finding a way to introduce the newly arrived quilt appraiser, Keely Fairchild, to a certain well-known reporter at the Cove Chronicles.

"Matt Viera," Madison pronounced, "is much too handsome and charming to live alone. His only flaw is that he prefers other arts to quilting, but I'm convinced the right woman can fix that."

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