Meet the Locals

Meet...George Fontaine!

I rather fancy myself as a young Hercule Poirot.

George Fontaine, new owner of Some Enchanted Florist, the area's premier flower shop, became a resident of Danger Cove last year. Former owner, Millie Mason, is retiring to South Florida after selling her thirty-year old business to Mr. Fontaine. "He's a creative type," Miss Mason said about Fontaine. "Good with design, but doesn't know tinky-boo about the flower business which is why I stayed on a few months to help out. I'll say this," Miss Mason added with a grin. "He's a sight for sore eyes in this town. Shame I'm moving to Florida."

Mr. Fontaine laughed off Miss Mason's comment, but confirmed there's no Mrs. Fontaine. Hear that ladies? Mr. Fontaine describes his upbringing as "bohemian" with parents whose work took the family around the world. Mr. Fontaine attended school in Europe. Well-tailored and dashing, Mr. Fountaine brings a refreshing blend of old world manners and man of mystery to Danger Cove. "The town has been most welcoming," Mr. Fontaine said. "I've been searching for a place to put down roots. Looks like I've found it." Some Enchanted Florist indeed!

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