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Meet...Hope Foster!

There is always a back-up plan. Even when nothing is going the way you want it to, a plan B will always show itself if you just trust things will work out right in the end.

Hope Foster is a self-confessed nature lover with a passion for animals. After extensively travelling Australia, Asia, and India, Hope stumbled upon Danger Cove by accident when she met town resident and International Yoga Guru Ruby Fontaine at a yoga retreat in India (although Hope would say that was fate working its magic!). A year later, Hope's travelling bug had worked its way out of her system and, wanting to finally put down roots somewhere, she headed for the place Ruby told her was, "a little piece of magic on earth!"

Hope now works at the Smugglers' Tavern, where she gently bullies the customers into trying the healthy eating menu options. In her spare time, she loves hiking, swimming, and yoga. She has a three-legged cat called Zen and a kitten called Karma, who both padded into her life unexpectedly on the day she arrived in town.

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