Meet the Locals

Meet...Lilly Waters!

The world may need love, but a cocktail while theyre waiting never hurts.

Lilly Raine Waters is new to Danger Cove but knows she's found home. Her great grandmother's family were long-time residents and influential during the 1940s and 50s. Raised by her grandmother, Rebecca "Raine" Waters, Lilly moved away from Danger Cove at age four and spent many years in Texas at the birthplace of her great grandfather before ending up in New York, near the area where the legendary Woodstock Concert occurred (and where her grandparents met!)

Lilly discovered her passion and gained bartending expertise at the legendary Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans. However, after a short time she tired of the fast pace in the big city and headed West, toward Danger Cove, to where her family began.

Lilly is very much in touch with her peace, love, and happiness roots. But those are the only kind of roots she likes as the other kind are outdoors—in the dirt—where bugs live. She'd rather be inside whipping up drinks for her customers at Smugglers' Tavern.

With the long hours at the bar, there's not much time for a social life which is fine with Lilly. She doesn't mind a fun, flirty friendship but a serious relationship?? Not for her. Though some of the handsome young men that frequent the Smugglers' Tavern could make a girl change her mind!

Until then, creating signature cocktails and getting acquainted with all the fun (and sometimes crazy) people in Danger Cove will suit her just fine.

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