Meet the Locals

Meet...Lizzie Jones!

Youve heard of moves like Jagger? Well, Ive got em. Not Mick--Isaac Jagger, the octogenarian upstairs in apartment 3G.

Lizzie Jones was born just outside Danger Cove twenty-seven years ago in the back of her daddy's pickup truck on the way to the hospital in the next county. The family's German shepherd, Charley, was one of the first faces she ever saw. It's probably why she has such a bond and kinship with animals—most kinds including four-legged, two-legged, no-legged. But she can pretty much leave the eight-legged and six-legged kind alone.

Lizzie was in high school when she moved in with her grandfather because her parents sold everything and moved to the Himalayas to start a school for Sherpas. Lizzie has only been to visit them twice. It isn't that she has anything against Sherpas, but the first time, she spent the entire week on her back gasping for air, and the second time she took offense at the treatment of some of the pack animals in the village. Her parents suggested she mind her own business, and she's never visited again. At least not yet.

Her famous grandfather, Jimmy John Jones, retired journalist and war correspondent, saw her through high school and college. Her scholarships and hard work put her through the first four years of college, and her grandfather's generosity and her pet-sitting business are funding her post-grad work in veterinary medicine.

In her spare time, Lizzie volunteers at the Second Chance Animal Rescue on the outskirts of Danger Cove.

Lizzie is a caffeine addict and a connoisseur of imported beer. While she never "eats anything that once had a face," eggs, cheese, and milk are more than fair game. She reads when there's time and is addicted to mysteries where dogs and cats solve the murder. The small movie theater in town is her favorite haunt no matter what the bill. Lizzie's pretty sure that all men are just older boys, even her grandfather, but the minute one comes along who thinks of others before himself, she's going to be all over that.

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