Meet the Locals

Meet...Mal OConnell!

I moved my handy-man business here years ago mostly for the amazing view. I didnt think it could ever get better. A newcomer to Danger Cove just proved me wrong.

Mal O'Connell is a self-made handyman & landscaper from a long line of old world craftsman. He moved to the Danger Cove area nearly a decade ago to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life...and a psychotic ex-girlfriend. Old Ms. Winstead is Mal's best customer. It's rumored that she destroys her hedges in the evening so she has a reason to frequently call him back. When asked about this mystery, her reply was, "There are hooligans in my neighborhood, kids with no supervision. I don't think Mr. O'Connell minds the frequent visits, though. He's actually kind of sweet on my granddaughter, Sophia."

Mal responded to this comment with, "While her granddaughter is lovely, I try to keep work and my personal life separate." The local police department is still on the case with no current leads, though the Cinnamon Sugar Bakery often makes deliveries prior to their visits to Ms. Winstead's home. With stiff competition from several other well known renovators & landscapers in the area, Mal has to keep his quality in check without breaking his clients' budgets. His latest project has been finishing the beautiful transformation of the Ocean View B&B.

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