Meet the Locals

Meet...Merle Curtis!

I used to be a lawyer, trained to expect the worst in any situation, so I had some serious doubts about moving to a place with danger in its name. But its been a few years, Im still alive, and the town has everything—and everyone—I could possibly want.

It's taken Merle Curtis a few years to really put down roots in Danger Cove as the owner of Pear Stirpes Orchard, but now he feels like a local farmer and can't imagine doing anything else with his life. He used to be a trial lawyer in Washington, DC but shut down his practice after his beloved wife died and he decided life was too short to spend arguing, even if it paid well.

The life of a gentleman-farmer is good but not quite as leisurely as Merle had anticipated when he'd purchased a well-maintained and long-established orchard. There might not be a lot of new planting to do, but his days are busy, keeping the goats from eating his trees instead of the weeds, selling the fruits of his labor, and supervising his new employee who's more than a little obsessed with what can be made with some pears, a little yeast, and a lot of patience. (Warning: don't ever call it "pear cider" instead of "perry" if you're not prepared for a lengthy lecture from the young distilling fanatic.)

In his spare time, Merle's trying to convince the new manager of the Lighthouse Farmer's Market, Maria Dolores, that if she'll exercise a little of the patience she's emphatically not famous for, she'll find he has more to offer than free legal advice.

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