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AJ Chase lives in the desert southwest with her husband, who is good at everything but she loves him anyway, and three children who are amazingly smart and evil for things so little and cute. She divides her time between making mac and cheese before digging ground Pop-Tart out of the carpet, and writing romantic comedies and romantic suspense. Under another name she also writes series mysteries. She has a weakness for things that make her laugh and dead bodies. Not necessarily together.

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Awaken the Devil
Fielding French knows she's stepping into murky waters when she agrees to prove enigmatic producer Chandler Bentley innocent of murdering his wife. Her promise to her dying uncle involves getting Bentley to trust her, to let her into his life, to tell his secrets. But as a dancer first and an amateur sleuth second, Fielding finds herself torn between the man who raised her and the dangerously seductive lure of the Devil of Broadway.

A lifetime of tragedy has driven Chandler Bentley to insulate his heart from any emotion and focus only on his work. Being an island unto himself suits Chandler just fine until Fielding barrels into his life, pushing for friendship, digging for his secrets, prodding at his heart.

Things heat up when Fielding's investigation uncovers that the late Mrs. Bentley isn't the only dead woman in Chandler's past, and now "The Chorus Girl Killer" is on the prowl in a town where dancing is everything. Fielding must choose who to trust before it's too late. And when she breaks her uncle's cardinal rule and falls headlong into a relationship with her subject, she must decide who means more to her: the uncle she loves or the man whose heart she cannot touch.

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