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USA Today bestselling author Kerri Nelson survived a fifteen year career in the legal field and then took her passion for crime solving to the page. But her journey to become a mystery author took a decade long detour into the world of romance where she penned twenty two novels and novellas in various sub-genres.

Born and raised a true southern belle, Kerri holds many useful secrets: how to bake a killer peach cobbler; how to charm suspects with proper batting of the eyelashes; and how to turn your parasol into a handy weapon.

Kerri is an active member of both Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers, and as a mentor to other authors, Kerri has successfully developed her popular Book Factory Method and assisted dozens of authors achieve publication via pitches crafted in her Pitchworthy class.

She also edits professionally through her freelance editorial service, Deep Cover Edits, and as a staff editor for two small presses. Her latest writing adventure is the new #1 Bestselling Cozy Mystery series "The Working Stiff Mysteries" now available wherever books are sold.

Kerris Books

Disorganized Crime (Working Stiff Mysteries book #3)

Autumn has settled over the small town of Millbrook, and Jill-of-all-trades and sometimes-sleuth Mandy Murrin's life is more disorganized than ever! Mandy finds herself juggling three jobs to pay for a new school for her special needs sister, including a temp job as a plumber's assistant for Godfather's Plumbing—a local company rumored to be "family" run.

Then things go from bad to worse as the town's prized pig dies mysteriously right before the big annual Cotton Festival, Mandy's mentor is hospitalized, and Mandy is swept into the middle of a real life mob family crisis. Add in being a reluctant bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and Mandy has more on her schedule than one girl can handle. If all that's not enough, Mandy's boyfriend leaves town without a word, and two men from her past make major decisions of their own that may affect Mandy forever.

One weekend. Two days 'til the wedding. Three men in her life. Will Mandy survive until Monday or will this be the end of her?

**Includes the bonus short story "Curious Undertakings"!**

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Ornamental Danger (a Working Stiff Mysteries holiday short story)

Mandy Murrin thought working for a living would be the death of her...but she didn't count on the holidays to be such a killer! When the annual Mistletoe Smackdown trophy for best Christmas decorations is up for grabs, Mandy's small town will stop at nothing to win the coveted award. Only now, the long time winner has turned up suspiciously dead, and the folks in Millbrook are suddenly in a frenzy to become the new victor. It's be up to med-school dropout and reluctant sleuth, Mandy Murrin, to serve as the town's Glitter Queen and select the next winner. But can she keep the peace among her neighbors or will this night before Christmas be her very last?

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Worked to Death (Working Stiff Mysteries book #2)

Reluctant med-school drop-out Mandy Murrin has a new job and a new mission. She will find a way to have a social life in small town Alabama if it kills her. After all, she deserves a little fun after surviving the daily grind as a blue collar working stiff. And she has plenty of time for dating after putting in glamorous shifts as a tow truck operator, earning extra cash as lab technician at B Positive Clinic, and being a caretaker to her younger sister with special needs.

Okay, maybe not "plenty," but she is more than ready to find a good man. Only, the man she finds just happens to be dead and in the trunk of a car.

When an old friend asks for her help, Mandy knows she must make a dent in solving this puzzle before the killer retires another victim. But will she get to the bottom of it before the culprit can cover his tracks, or will she reach a dead-end of her very own?

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Remote Consequences (Working Stiff Mysteries book #1)

Med school drop-out Mandy Murrin has returned home to care for her mentally handicapped, teenage sister. But despite having multiple college degrees under her belt, Mandy finds jobs aren't easy to come by in small town Alabama. Now instead of a stethoscope, she's forced to sport a tool belt as a technician for the local cable company, Flicks Vision.

But things go from bad to worse when, while on assignment at the Mayor's house, Mandy finds herself in the attic amongst cobwebs, Christmas decorations, and...a corpse? Suddenly Mandy's life is turned upside down with one missing body, a high school nemesis turned police detective, a mysterious stranger, and a town full of long buried secrets. If Mandy's not careful, this could be one dead end job where she may not make it out alive!

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Working Stiff Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

From USA Today bestselling author Kerri Nelson comes a boxed set of three full-length mysteries in the wacky small town of Millbrook. This boxed set includes all three novels the bestselling Working Stiff Mysteries series, including:
Remote Consequences (book #1)
Worked to Death (book #2)
Disorganized Crime (book #3)

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