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Phyllis A. Humphrey

Phyllis's credits include nineteen published romance novels and several short stories and articles to national magazines. She was an RWA Golden Heart finalist, won the San Diego Book Award, and was a finalist in St. Martin's Press Malice Domestic Mystery Contest. She has also written a novella in Kindle Worlds series and three novellas about Sherlock Holmes under the name P.J. Humphrey.

Phyllis's non-fiction book was published by John Wiley & Sons, she has ghost-written three non-fiction books and had two 30-minute radio plays produced by American Radio Theater.

She's listed in Who's Who, a member of Mensa, married, and the mother of three children.

Phylliss Books

Dead Men's Tales
Olivia Grant Mysteries book #2

Olivia Grant may be once-widowed, once-divorced, chocolate-addicted, and directionally-challenged, but that doesn't mean she still can't have a little fun! Her activity of choice? Helping out in her brother's San Francisco P.I. business. (Though if you asked him, he might see it more as "meddling" than "helping.") But when Olivia's best friend is accused of murdering her husband, Olivia knows this is not just fun and games anymore. Charging into action, Olivia relies on her newfound P.I. know-how to round up a slew of suspects—even getting a bit too cozy with a certain handsome one—and vows to ferret out the truth. But when the danger finds its way to her own doorstep, can Olivia outwit a killer before she becomes the next victim?

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Dead in the Water
Olivia Grant Mysteries book #1

Feeling at loose ends after her recent divorce, dedicated chocoholic Olivia Grant decides to visit relatives in jolly old England. Only things are anything but inviting when upon arrival Olivia stumbles on the dead body of her uncle's much-younger widow floating in the estate's lily pond. The police's theory: the victim had been drinking and fell in the pond while out walking her dog. But, if that's true, Olivia wonders how the dog got back in the house. Much to the chagrin of her eccentric British relatives, Olivia tries her hand at amateur sleuthing. Hey, if Kinsey Milhone can do it, so can she! What Olivia didn't count on was a family member with a secret worth blackmailing over, a trip to a home for aging criminals, and the appearance of a mysterious Mr. X. When another dead body falls at Olivia's feet she knows she's closing in on the killer...but will she catch him before he catches up to her?

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