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USA Today bestselling author Tracy Comstock is a small-town girl from Missouri. She lives in a home where she is outnumbered 3:1 by the males in her life: her husband and their two extremely adorable, but terrifyingly ornery sons. She has no pets as all living things, besides humans, of course, come to her house to die, including the victims in her books. All her life Tracy devoured books. Her parents' most effective punishment was grounding her from reading. Although she has a B.S. in Education and a Masters in Literature, she was nudged down the path to publication by encouraging (and sometimes threatening!) family, friends, professors, and students. When not working on Emily's adventures, Tracy is an adjunct instructor for several local colleges, where she gets to teach others about her greatest passion: writing.

Tracys Books

Murder Takes Center Stage
Schooled in Murder book #3

A new school year is under way, and English teacher turned reluctant amateur sleuth Emily Taylor has been roped into directing Ellington High's fall play production. With the help of the new junior high English teacher, Destiny Willis, their production of Clue is soon ready to take the stage. The students are especially thrilled when James Bodley, a hometown favorite with a rising star on Broadway, agrees to help out at rehearsals.

But when the drama king, Bodley, is found murdered—strung up like Mr. Boddy, the play's victim, was supposed to be!—Emily vows to find the person behind this heinous killing. Unfortunately, the list of suspects is as long as her cast roll. Could it be his new love...or her resentful daughter? Or maybe his scorned high school sweetheart? Or was the death less about love and more about his betrayal...possibly of the theater seamstress, baker, or woman from his past?

With the days ticking down to the first showing, Emily is under the gun to find out who the real killer is before another murder takes center stage.

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School's Out for Murder
Schooled in Murder book #2

School may be out for summer, but English teacher Emily Taylor's homework is just beginning.

Emily has been looking forward to attending Ellington High School's end-of-the-year carnival fundraiser with her new flame, Tad...that is until she finds the mayor's body behind the English department's Whack-a-Mole booth. Suddenly rumors are flying in their small Missouri town that the mayor's husband was having an affair with the town's newest dentist—and Emily's good friend—Amelia Franklin. With her friend in the role of prime suspect, Emily begins her own investigation into the mayor's death. But with so many of the mayor's recent decisions being wildly unpopular—including one to end the school carnival tradition!—there is no shortage of suspects. Was it the vocal school superintendent, the secretive new junior high math teacher, or an old high school sweetheart of the mayor's husband? With her friend's reputation at stake and her own new relationship on the rocks Emily knows she needs to get off the crazy carnival ride her life has become and find the real killer before this summer vacation becomes her last!

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Murder Is Our Mascot
Schooled in Murder book #1

Murder is the new mascot at Ellington High...

A murdered coach and a missing counselor has thrown the school into a foreign curriculum of anger, fear, and suspicion. English teacher Emily Taylor is determined to prove that her missing friend is not a murderer. But if she's not, then who is? And where could her friend be? Against the advice of fellow math teacher and former crush Tad, Emily and her best friend Gabby dig into the dead coach's past. But someone doesn't want Emily unearthing their secrets and is determined to see that she gets a failing grade in the sleuthing department. Soon, Emily finds herself scrambling for a new lesson plan to solve the murder...before the killer sets his own deadline!

**2016 RONE Award Nominee**

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Schooled in Murder Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

From USA Today bestselling author D. Comstock comes a boxed set of three full-length Schooled in Murder Mysteries featuring teacher-turned-sleuth Emily Taylor, including:
Murder Is Our Mascot (book #1)
School's Out for Murder (book #2)
Murder Takes Center Stage (book #3)

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