Gemma Halliday

Calamity Jayne Mysteries by Kathleen Bacus
Join the not-so-dumb blonde, Tressa "Calamity" Jayne Turner, and her wacky cast of friends and family as they take on small town crime.
Queenie Baby Mysteries by Christina A. Burke
Temp turned rock star Diana Hudson's life is filled with mysterious men, romantic interludes, and nothing but trouble.
Amber Fox Mysteries by Sibel Hodge
Amber Fox may be in over her head when she becomes an insurance investigator for her ex-fiancé, but she's determined to get her man.
Helen Binney Mysteries by Gin Jones
As the former governor's wife, Helen Binney is no stranger to trouble, and when a murder case comes calling, Helen answers with gusto!
Franki Amato Mysteries by Traci Andrighetti
Former police officer turned PI, Franki Amato, is about to discover big trouble in the big easy.
Culinary Competition Mysteries by Janel Gradowski
Amy Ridley can bake a pie like nobody's business, but can she outrun a killer before her own goose is cooked?
Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries by Jennifer L. Hart
When chef Andy Buckland is forced back to her grandparents' small town pasta shop, the last thing she expected to encounter was murder.
Rules of the Scam Mysteries by Aimee Gilchrist
Raised by con-artists, Talia Jones knows all the rules of the scam...and she's not afraid to use them to catch a killer.
Miranda Vaughn Mysteries by Ellie Ashe
When Miranda Vaughn was arrested for a fraud she didn't commit, she never expected it would lead her in search of a killer halfway across the globe.
Greatest Hits Mysteries by Leslie Langtry
The Bombay Family's business is to-die-for...and they mean that literally.
Jamie Bond Mysteries by Gemma Halliday & Jennifer Fischetto
Her name is Bond. Jamie Bond. And her life is about to be shaken and stirred in a cocktail of sex, lies, and murder.
Organized Mysteries by Ritter Ames
Kate McKenzie is a loving wife, mother of twins, a professional organizer...and suddenly an amateur sleuth too!
Working Stiff Mysteries by Kerri Nelson
After being forced to drop out of med school, working for a living just may be the death of small-town girl, Mandy Murrin.
Lella York Mysteries by Maria Grazia Swan
Italian transplant Lella York may not be a spring chicken, but this reluctant sleuth still has a spring in her step and a killer in her sights.
Bodies of Art Mysteries by Ritter Ames
Laurel Beacham is a premier art recovery expert, but when she collides with the mysterious Jack Hawkes the art world suddenly turns deadly.
Tahoe Tessie Mysteries by Gemma Halliday & T.Sue VerSteeg
Tessie King just inherited the biggest casino in South Lake Tahoe. What she didn't bargain for is the murder she'd inherit with it.
Mini Pie Mysteries by Libby LaManna
It's finally summer break, and eight-year-old Meggie Malone is ready the case of the Disappeared Keys. Mini Pie the Spy to the RESCUE!