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How to Load Ebooks

Instructions for loading onto Kindle:

Most Kindle reader can easily read mobi files.
1. Send the mobi file as an email attachment to your specific Kindle email address for your device
2. You can find your Kindle email address by logging onto Amazon and going to Your Account --> Your Content & Devices. Click the Devices tab, then click the menu icon under Actions. A window will pop up revealing your Kindle address.
3. That's it! Your book will show up on your Kindle!

Instructions for loading onto Nook:

Most Nook ereaders can easily read epub files.
1. Using the custom microUSB cable provided with your Nook, connect your device to your computer.
2. Your device will appear as a new removable drive on your personal computer. Drag the files you want to transfer onto this drive.
3. To organize the files, open the Nook drive. You'll see several folders on your Nook. Move your epub file in the My Files folder.
4. That's it! Disconnect your Nook device and enjoy your ebook!

Instructions for Kobo eReader:

Most Kobo eReaders can easily read epub files.
1. Connect your eReader to your computer using a Micro USB cable.
2. Tap Connect on your eReader.
3. When Windows prompts you, click Open folder to view files.
4. A desktop explorer window will open, showing the contents of your eReader.
5. Open a second desktop explorer window, and display the books you want to add to your eReader.
6. Drag and drop your books into the eReader.
7. That's it! Eject your eReader when you're finished and enjoy your ebook!

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