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What Readers are Saying

If you've read one of the Deadly Cool books and have something to say about it, film yourself and send me a link to the YouTube video. You could end up on my website! Just email the link to:

Review of Deadly Cool from TheYABookGoddess

"(Darn) book doesn't have any boring parts. How am I supposed to go pee?
- Tory, age 13

I read this book in one day. I even took it to football practice. It was really good.
- Cody, age 11

My Deadly Cool Cast by PurplePineapple0714

Maji's Weekly Book Haul by majibookshelf

It was a perfect read; fun, funny, and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to tell all my friends I got to read it first!
- Madison, age 13

There's nothing like a good mystery, and Deadly Cool definitely hit the spot. It was suspenseful, scary and downright intriguing.
- Megan, age 16