Gemma Halliday

Meet the Characters

Meet the crew at the Bond Agency, L.A.s premier Domestic Espionage firm.

Jamie Bond
Jamie Bond, (legally dubbed James Bond by her father), is a former cover model who switches gears to take over the family business: The Bond Agency, a high-powered P.I. firm located in Los Angeles. Jamie is sexy, dangerous, all business. Every man wants her, and every woman wants to be her. She has a talent for deception and disguise, reinventing herself depending on the case, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. In her line of work every man cheats, every husband lies, and every romance turns sour at some point. Not surprisingly, relationships are something of a complicated issue in her own life.

Caleigh Presley
A southern-belle and self-proclaimed distant cousin to Elvis Presley, Caleigh is a little on the naive side but can literally charm the pants off any man. Despite her disenchanting job, she still believes in happily ever after, and always tries to see the best in people. Which means she sometimes learns the hard way that not everyone has her best interests at heart.

Samantha "Sam" Cross
A street-smart beauty with attitude, Sam was rasied as a military brat and is an expert marksman who can shoot the wings off a fruit fly at twenty yards. She tells it like it is, doesn't take any crap from anyone, and isn't exactly what you'd call a 'people person'. Her hardest lesson in life is realizing not everyone is out to get her - just a select few.

Maya Alexander
Jamie's receptionist and sometimes wingman, Maya is an exotic beauty who may have been a Playmate, but that doesn't mean she's got the IQ of a bunny. With computer know-how to rival Bill Gates and an arsenal of high-tech gadgets, Maya keeps Jamie's cases running as smoothly as her schedule.

Danny Flynn
Jamie met fashion photographer Danny as a teenager on her first modeling shoot. While Jamie's seen him as a big brother ever since, her father, Derek, doesn't trust Danny farther than he can spit. Danny runs the heavy surveillance and camera work for the Bond Agency. A charming as hell ladies man, Danny can (and does) bed any swimsuit model he wants. Even though the woman he secretly admires most sees him more as a sibling than a lover.

Aiden Prince
When Assistant District Attorney Aiden Prince lost his wife to cancer, he came to L.A. to start over. Blonde, blue-eyed and spit-shine polished, he's now Beverly Hills Ken Doll to a tee. He's not used to breaking the rules, doesn't like 'grey' areas of the law, and lives by the credo 'nice guys finish first'. That is, until he meets Jamie.

Derek Bond
If Peter Pan were forced to grow up, he'd be Derek Bond. Living on his houseboat, Derek is a fifty-something Don Juan who subsists on Captain Crunch and Budweiser. He's the last person on earth who should be a father, but lucky Jamie, he's hers. After being near-fatally shot three years ago, Derek had to give up the P.I. business, reluctantly turning it over to his only child. But that doesn't stop him from butting in wherever he can.