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What are Romance Trading Cards?
RTC's are like baseball cards, but feature characters from your favorite romance novels instead. You can view RTC's from other authors at Different cards may be harder to find than others depending on where and how often an author makes hers available.

Where do I collect the High Heels trading cards?
Throughout the summer I will have different cards in the set available on my website FREE. Check back often, as each card will only be available for a limited time. Collect all five for a full set!

How do I get them?
Just send an email to: with the card number in the title and your mailing address in the body. But be sure to check my website for cut-off times - each card will only be available for a limited time and once it's gone, it's gone!
All five cards will also be available at the Romance Writer's of America conference in New York, and at all of my book signings and appearances this summer.

Will you send internationally?

What happens if I miss a card?
That's where the "trading" part comes in. If you've missed a card and want to trade with someone else, visit my Facebook page and post on my wall for the card you're looking for. Hopefully another reader will be willing to trade!

High Heels Trading Cards

Please check back soon for more opportunites to complete your High heels Trading Card collection!

High Heels Trading Cards: