Gemma Halliday

Meet the Characters

Think running the biggest casino in South Lake Tahoe is a tough job? Foget about it. These characters have it covered.

Tessie King
Art gallery curator Tessie King spent her childhood summers at her father's casino... but she never dreamed it would one day be hers. With her father's death, she's now suddenly thrust to the helm of one of South Lake Tahoe's largest businesses, and sucked into the underbelly of the gaming world. Con men, secret rivalries, mafia connections, and one FBI agent on her tail. Tessie is in way over her head, and it's going to take more than just a little luck to get her out.

Britton King
Just a couple of years older than her step-daughter, Tessie, Britton is blonde, bubbly, and Botoxed. But don't let her manicured exterior fool you - this is no dumb blonde. This former cocktail waitress has got a heart as big as the lake at her doorstep and connections to anyone and everyone in town. In fact, Britton may just become Tessie's most surprising ally yet.

Alfie Malone
Tall, dark, menacing, and not someone you'd want to meet up with in a dark alley is Alfonso "Alfie" Malone, Director of Operations and Head of Security at the Royal Palace Casino. He's been in the business since the days when snitches routinely found themselves "swimming" with cement shoes in the crystal waters of Lake Tahoe, and while he's always been loyal to Tessie's father, she's not entirely sure he's on her side.

Rafe Lorenzo
Raffaello Lorenzo, or "Rafe" as his fans call him, is a pro snowboarder sponsored by the Royal Palace Casino. Dark, handsome, devilish, and Tessie's teenage crush, he has the ability to charm groupies and investors alike. Like most women, Tessie turns to mush when he's around, but she's determined not to be swayed by his killer smile and smooth lines. (At least, not swayed much.)

Devin Ryder
Agent Devin Ryder is member of the Nevada Organized Crime Task Force, and has had the Royal Palace Casino on his radar for months. When its owner mysteriously dies, Ryder puts Tessie squarely in his sights. With a no-nonsense attitude and confident style, Ryder seems to be all business...most of the time. Tessie has the feeling that if she could just loosen him up a bit, Ryder might be all kinds of dangerous fun.