Gemma Halliday
mystery author

Participating YA Authors and their treats:

Gemma Halliday - a set of Deadly Cool trading cards for each visitor
Rhonda Stapleton
Gwen Hayes - ecopy of the short story Butterface for each visitor
Amanda Brice - chance to win tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet
Kendal Ashby
Jo Ramsey - autographed oversize The Dark Lines Series post card for each visitor
Rebekah L. Purdy - either ebook My Dad's a Paranormal Investigator: Seeking Shapeshifter or Staking Shadows
Kit Forbes - a free e-read
C.C. Hunter - note pad, pen, and a bookmark
Clover Autrey - reader's choice of ebook of The Anointed or Fallen Warrior for each visitor
P.J. Sharon - ebook Heaven is for Heroes to the first 5 responders, bookmarks and pens for each visitor
Suzanne Lazear - a chance to win the necklace in Innocent Darkness and mini-buttons to each visitor
A.C. Gaughen - a chance to win three Scarlet hair combs, and Scarlet stickers to ever visitor
Renee Pace - a chance to win one of three copies of Off Leash, complete with both endings, plus a grand prize $25 Amazon gift card
Sarah Tregay- custom bookmarks with charms and guitar picks

Note: Items that require shipping may be open to US residents only. Please check individual author pages for prize details.

YA Halloween Trick-or-Treat Party

How do I play:
Visit each participating author's virtual "home" between October 24th-31st. Search her site for this Halloween Trick-or-Treat icon:

(Search carefully! It may be well hidden!)

Click the icon for instructions to get your treat!

What are the treats?
Each participating author will be giving out different treats on her website! Some examples are free reads, stickers, bookmarks, trading cards, and more!

Can adults play too?
Yes! The party is for everyone who enjoys reading young adult books!