Gift an Ebook!

Have a friend who likes to read? Send them one of Gemma's no cost to you! That's right—free gifts for your reading friends!

We know times are hard for a lot of people this year, and I we want to help with the readers on your list! We will send an ebook gift from you to any friends or family on your list! No catch, no gimmicks, nothing to sign up for! We will not keep your email address OR your friend's.

Your friend will be directed to our Prolific Works page where they can download the book in any ebook format they prefer—compatible with Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, or any other device!

Just fill out the form below, and on December 21, we will send your friend their gift!


Can I gift a book to more than one friend?

Absolutely! Fill the form out multiple times to send multiple gifts! Send to as many friends as you like!

Can I gift multiple books to one friend?

We would appreciate it if you please just send one book to each friend. Thanks!

Can I gift to friends in different countries?

Yes! Please do! The files we send should be universal and work in any country.

Can I gift titles not listed on the form?

Sorry, we can only gift these four books. It takes a lot of infrastructure to send these gifts, so we've set up the system with the starters for 4 of Gemma's most popular series. We hope your friends enjoy them!

How will my friend receive their gift?

They will get an email from us with a link to download the books. The link will take them to a website called Prolific Works. The website will ask for your friend's name and email address, but their personal info will not be stored by us! 

Will my friend need to "sign up" for anything?

They will need to input their name and email address at Prolific Works to obtain their gift. They do not need to make an account or sign up for any services! We will not keep their email address unless they opt in to receive my newsletter, which is 100% optional. They will never receive spam from us! 

How does my friend get their gift on their device?

Every device is different, however we've found that the Humble Support website has directions for most devices. 

If your friend uses a Kindle device or the free Kindle app, they can get instructions and support from Amazon's website.

When will the gift be sent?

We will send all gifts on December 21. 

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