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Women's Fiction


Sex and the City Meets

Sin City. What a fun book!  Wonderful writing, snapping dialogue, and hilarious observations. Gemma brings together four wildly different story lines in a very fun and thoughtful novel. I was sorry to see this one end.

- J.R. Rain, #1 Amazon bestselling author

Viva Las Vegas 
a women's fiction novel


The Queen of Hearts: Mary Halligan can't get over her ex-fiancee, can't get a date to her sister's wedding, and can't help being faced with happily ever after everyday at the wedding chapel where she works for an Elvis impersonating reverend. 

The Full House: Ella Campbell is a former showgirl turned minivan driving mom who isn't sure just how it happened that she and her perfect husband are sleeping in separate rooms. 

The Ace of Clubs: Kit (just Kit) is a magician's assistant who wishes she could make her attraction for her married boss disappear. 

The Straight Flush: David Shepard is a flamboyant showboy with only one thing hotter than his dancing career - his lover's jealous temper. 

Four friends. Four different points of view. One story of love, loss and lust in the most decadent place on earth. The only question is, what are the odds of finding true love in the city of sin?

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The thing that sets this book apart from Gemma Halliday's other wonderful and fun mystery novels is that each of the characters matures over the course of the book. Not only that, the plot lines of each of the four main characters intertwine and come together in an unexpected and meaningful way for each character. I really enjoyed this book and hope she writes more like this.

 - Liat M. Gat, Book Reviewer

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