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Latest Release

Marriage, Merlot & Murder

Wine & Dine Mysteries book #4

Emmy Oak is hosting her first wedding at her family's Oak Valley Vineyards, and she needs everything to off without a hitch...but what should have been a beautiful ceremony ends in a tragic murder, and suddenly Emmy's dream wedding turns into a crime scene! Between the hot Detective Grant, a slew of shifty suspects, and a killer on the loose, wine country has never looked so dangerous. 

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What I'm Working On

Death in Wine Country, Wine & Dine Mysteries book #5 - coming April 14, available for preoder now!

Peril in High Heels, High Heels Mysteries book #11

Wicked Games, Deadly Cool Mysteries book #3

Deadly Bond, Jamie Bond Mysteries book #6 - coming Sept 15, 2020, available for preorder now! 

Hollywood Revenge, Hollywood Headlines book #6 

Dead to Rights, Anna Smith & Nick Dade Thrillers book #2

High Heels Mysteries

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