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Marty Hudson Mysteries


I want a set of characters

that are realistic. I want

realistic backgrounds, realistic reactions to events, and realistic decision-making processes and investigating methods. Marty Hudson checks all my boxes! A very entertaining book!

- Kings River life Magazine

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Wealthy Widow 
Marty Hudson Mysteries book #3 


Martha "Marty" Hudson thought her lie about working for a great detective named Sherlock Holmes was supposed to be a onetime thing. Okay, maybe two times, but when her best friend Irene Adler drags Marty along to meet "Sherlock's" latest client, Marty is pretty sure they're in over their heads at playing private eye.


Cordelia Westerbury is a wealthy widow... one who is certain that one of her no-good family members is trying to bump her off for their inheritance. While her evidence is less than convincing, she's willing to pay generously to have the ladies of Holmes Investigations attend a cocktail party where all her "suspects" will be assembled. At first Marty thinks maybe the woman has read a few too many Gothic novels. But when the cocktail party ends in an actual dead body, Marty begins to realize that batty or not, Cordelia is right about one thing: there is a killer in their midst. Is it the pompous nephew with expensive habits and shallow pockets? His gold-digging wife who may be more scheming than her flighty persona suggests? The brooding millennial granddaughter who uses her disdain for just about everything as the perfect cover-up? Or the long-lost cousin who conveniently shows up just as Cordelia's contemplating a change in her will? Marty isn't sure, but the stakes only go higher when a new private detective firm, Moriarty Investigations, sets themselves up as Sherlock's arch nemesis, trying to poach his clients.


Between juggling a family of suspects, the distractingly gorgeous Medical Examiner, Dr. Watson, the annoyingly competent Moriartys, and an investigative reporter bent on outing Sherlock Holmes as a fake, Marty has her hands more than full. But when the killer sets his sight on Marty and Irene, Sherlock's biggest case just may end up being their last...

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