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Hartley Grace Featherstone Mysteries


Halliday has her finger

on the pulse of

high-schoolers, whether goth, jock, prude, or computer nerd. With red herrings aplenty and a wicked pace, this relentlessly pulls the reader along to an explosive conclusion.

- Booklist

Deadly Cool 
Hartley Grace Featherstone Mysteries book #1 


When Hartley Grace Featherstone heard the rumor that her boyfriend, Josh, was playing "hide the pom-poms" with the president of the Herbert Hoover High Chastity Club, she was crushed. When she found proof of his cheating, she was downright angry. But when she found the dead body of Miss Chastity herself, Courtney Cline, shoved in her boyfriend's closet, Hartley was something else altogether... scared for her life.

Now Hartley's boyfriend Josh—scratch that, ex-boyfriend—is the #1 suspect in a murder, the police are watching Hartley's every move, and the only thing spreading faster than the gossip about Hartley is the fear that someone else at school may be next. Along with her faithful best friend and an unlikely ally in the bad-boy editor of the school paper, it's up to Hartley to find out who really offed her school's queen of mean. 


Before Hartley becomes the killer's next victim.

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A wonderfully entertaining

teen murder mystery with a perfect dose of humour.

- The Mocha Latte Reviews

This fun and outrageous mystery is a perfect mix of humor and horror that will have readers laughing while they try to figure out ‘whodunit.’

- School Library Journal

Merry and often

suspenseful. A pleasant, funny, chick-lit mystery.

- Kirkus Reviews

Books in the Hartley Grace Featherstone Mysteries Series

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