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Tahoe Tessie Mysteries


 I LOVED this book. Fast

paced, complex, everything a book of this genre should be. 

- Blues Diva Book Reviews

Luck Be A Lady 
Tahoe Tessie Mysteries book #1 


Tessie King has just inherited the biggest casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada: the Royal Palace. What she didn't bargain for are the problems she'd inherit with it. 

Having left Tahoe years ago, the underbelly of the casino trade is a far cry from the art world Tessie is used to. High-stakes cons, inside jobs, wise guys... Tessie quickly realizes she's in way over her head. And things go from bad to worse when questions start to arise about the nature of her father's death. Enter FBI agent Devin Ryder, member of the Nevada Organized Crime Task Force. He's had his eye on the Royal Palace for months, and with the suspicious death of its leader, Ryder now has Tessie squarely in his sights. If Tessie doesn't want to be running her casino from behind bars, she needs to find out how her father really died, who's behind it, why, and how to get them into Agent Ryder's hot little hands before he gets his hands on her. All the while catching a con-man, beating the competition, and running a multi-million dollar business. 

Tough job? Fo'get about it. All in a day's work for this lady luck.

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Loved this book.  It's both funny and suspenseful. Fast pace and a page turner. I'm hooked, bought the next book!

- Junipers Book Reviews 

Tessie King is so much

fun as art dealer turned casino boss in Luck Be A Lady. I had a great time following her laugh-out-loud antics through this great little mystery. Lots of wacky supporting characters as well (love her best friend and side-kick Tate!). The first book in the series sets the stage for a great love triangle between hunky snowboarder Rafe and FBI hottie Agent Ryder. Looking forward to reading the next installment in this exciting new series!

USA Today bestselling author Christina A. Burke

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