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Wine & Dine Mysteries


I eagerly got myself

comfy with a nice glass

of Merlot and didn’t move, greatly enjoying the fourth book from the Wine and Dine series.  I can’t wait to enjoy more! I highly recommend the series and starting with book four is fine, no spoilers. You’ll be hooked no matter where you start.  
- Kings River Life Magazine

Marriage, Merlot & Murder 
Wine & Dine Mysteries book #4


Emmy Oak is hosting her first wedding at her family's Oak Valley Vineyards, and she's worked hard to make sure it goes smoothly. And why wouldn't it? The blushing bride is beautiful, the groom is charming, and the parents-of-the-bride are paying Emmy a tidy fee that may just put her struggling winery in the black next month. Only all her best laid plans fizzle faster than flat champagne when the groom goes missing just moments before the ceremony…and Emmy finds him bludgeoned to death on her terrace! Suddenly Emmy's dream wedding turns into a crime scene, and when the entirely-too-enticing Detective Christopher Grant sets his sights on the wrong suspect, Emmy knows it's up to her to find out who committed the matrimonial murder. Was it the overprotective father-of-the-bride who seems to be harboring secrets of his own? The jealous ex-boyfriend with a violent streak? The victim's calloused and cunning cousin? Or was the groom charming women other than his fiancée…and his philandering ways finally caught up to him? Emmy isn't sure, but the deeper she digs, the more she realizes the victim wasn't exactly innocent…and his killer may threaten to strike again!

Simple and delicious recipes & affordable wine pairings included!

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I count Emmy Oak

among my favorite

fictional characters. I drop everything to read every time a new book is published.  If you have not yet discovered the Wine & Dine Mysteries, you need to do so immediately.

- Bernadette Cinkoske,           Book Reviewer

Gemma Halliday has hit

it out of the park with

another perfect installment in the Wine & Dine Mystery series. This book is everything a cozy mystery reader could want and more! It kept me guessing the entire time. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. TEN stars for this one and I cannot wait for the next!

- Susan Parker, Book Reviewer

Books in the Wine & Dine Mysteries Series

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