High Heels Mysteries

This series began my

love of cozy mysteries

and...this book did not disappoint. Peril in High Heels brings everything I love about cozy mysteries (wacky characters, compelling mystery, and an irrational distrust that actual detectives know what they are doing) in full force! 

- Amy Bohman, book reviewer

Peril in High Heels 
High Heels Mysteries book #11 


Fashion designer Maddie Springer is a huge fan of the Lord of the Throne books by J.R. Ravensberg. So when her best friend, Dana, gets cast as the lead actress in the upcoming movie version, she's giddy with fandom! Even more so when she's invited for a girls' weekend on the set—currently being filmed in the wilds of Moose Haven, Saskatchewan. Between battling Bobbits, Elven Princesses, and Dragon Queens, Maddie is in heaven. But what starts out as a fangirl's dream quickly turns into something out of a horror movie, when the demanding director of the film shows up dead…stabbed with a prop sword!


It's no secret Dana had her differences with the difficult director, and the local police have her squarely in their sights as suspect number one. Worse yet, no one is allowed to leave the small Moose-obsessed town, and Maddie's meddling mom, hot husband, and flamboyant friend Marco are all threatening to descend! With the locals growing hostile and the police zeroing in on her BFF, it's up to Maddie to figure out who had the director taking his final bow. Problem is, everyone has a motive—from the director's frigid wife, to the young starlet with a secret, the mysterious actor playing the Evil Prince, the producer with an eye on the bottom line, and even the eccentric author, Ravensberg himself. If Maddie doesn't watch her step, this may be one movie without a happy Hollywood ending…

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I have loved all the other

stories in this series but this one I think was the best. Most of these mysteries I can figure out who done it well before the end of the book but this one stumped me. I did not know until the very end who the killer was. I would very much recommend this book to anyone who loves cozy mysteries.

- Kathy Yute, book reviewer

Another awesome story

of hi-jinks and friends.

Lot's of tight spots and inappropriate footwear! That's our Maddie-gotta love it!!

- Kllinois Reader

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