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Jamie Bond Mysteries


Bring on more Bond,

Gemma! Long may she grace our world of books!

- Andrea L. Stoeckel, Book Reviewer

Deadly Bond 
Jamie Bond Mysteries book #6 


Her name is Bond. Jamie Bond. And her life has never been more dangerous...

Clients are usually beating down LA private investigator Jamie Bond's door, looking to hire her and her crew of Bond Girls to track down their errant spouses. But the recent pandemic has made germophobes of adulterers, and business has been slow. So slow that Jamie has to take on some unusual clients to make ends meet. Case in point: the aging rock star who is sure his young alien-enthusiast wife is cheating on him. While Jamie has a feeling three decades of rock 'n' roll may have clouded his vision, she takes the case anyway—hey, money is money, right?


Only when her client ends up dead under suspicious circumstances, Jamie is rethinking her career choices. Especially when a second band member hires her, this time to put to rest an argument over the rights to the band's one hit song, "Hot Waitress." The song was mildly popular in the eighties, and after being recently used in a millennial-aimed TV commercial it's started generating big royalties—possibly big enough to kill over? Did the drummer with a temper finally snuff out his bandmate? Or was it the guitarist with a secret? The keyboard player with a decades-long grudge? Or did the younger wife simply decide she'd make out better as a widow than a divorcee? Between more suspects than she can trail, a side case involving frisky senior citizens, and two hot men both vying for her attention and demanding a decision, Jamie has more than she can handle. Can she make it out alive? Or will this be the case that finally breaks her?

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