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Jamie Bond Mysteries


Gemma Halliday has

created a detective series with lots of action and a smidgen of romance. Lots of fun! 

- Ann Keeran, Book Reviewer

Fatal Bond 
Jamie Bond Mysteries book #5 


Her name is Bond. Jamie Bond. And this time, the stakes are personal... 

Private investigator, Jamie Bond is used to danger—it's the name of her game. But when one of her past informants, an exotic dancer named Apple, goes missing, Jamie drops everything to find her. At first, Jamie suspects this may be a case of a weekend fling after a wild party at a Hollywood mogul's home. But it turns into something much more sinister when the movie mogul's daughter also appears to be kidnapped and a five million dollar ransom demand is made! Are the two missing women related? Which one of the movie mogul's angry associates is behind it? And can Jamie find Apple... before it's too late? 

With the clock ticking, Jamie rallies her crew of Bond Girls to sort through a slew of suspects including a cagey caterer, a film producer with an axe to grind, and the movie mogul's former best friend turned worst enemy. To complicate matters, at the kidnapper's demand of "no law enforcement or she dies," Jamie can't breathe a word of her investigation to her on-again off-again love interest, ADA Aiden Prince—just when things are heating up between them, despite Jamie's complicated feelings for her best friend, Danny Flynn. Torn between two men, racing against time, and tracking a cold-blooded killer, Jaime has the case of her life on her hands—complete with more twist and turns than an LA freeway! The only question is, can she solve it in time... or will it be Apple's life on the line? 

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Gemma Halliday

and Jennifer Fischetto have teamed together to create a delightful twist to the James Bond franchise. Wow, this fifth book in the Jamie Bond series surpassed my expectations. Entertaining and Fun... 5 stars!" 

- King's River Life Magazine

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