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Jamie Bond Mysteries


Gemma Halliday knows

how to write a good mystery, and she isn’t afraid to lead the reader on the wrong trail.

- Gypsy Book Reivews

Lethal Bond 
Jamie Bond Mysteries book #3 


Her name is Bond. Jamie Bond. And her luck may have just run out... 

P.I. Jamie Bond knows there's corruption in the Los Angeles County DA's office. What she doesn't know is how far it runs and if her on-again, off-again love interest, ADA. Aiden Prince, is involved. Is he aware of the danger lurking in his halls of justice? Is he dating his exotic beauty of a co-chair? And why are drug dealers making middle of the night calls to the DA? Jamie is determined to find out. But between one case of an "open marriage" wife who fears her husband is secretly monogamous, an Elvis obsessed musician crushing on her employee, and an over-sexed baby-boomer father, Jamie has her hands full. Not to mention one hot photographer, Danny Flynn, who seems determined to take their relationship from "best friend" to "best night of her life." The boundaries between personal and professional blur in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, where no one can be trusted...and not everyone will make it out alive.

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Gemma has an awesome

sense of humor. She was also excellent at keeping me guessing on what would happen next, and who the killer really was. I was surprised at who it turned out to be, but then again not so surprised just because once it was revealed it made so much sense. I kind of kicked myself for not seeing it before.

- Starry Sky Books

Another winner! This is the

3rd in the Jamie Bond series and it was worth waiting for. Good mix of mystery, humor and a little romance with these wonderful characters. Couldn't put the book down for very long. A good read and series. Can't wait for number 4 to come out!

- Laura's Reviews

Books in the Jamie Bond Mysteries Series

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