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Hollywood Headlines Mysteries


The story is fast paced

and kept me turning the pages. There are plenty of suspects that will keep you guessing. I hope there will be more books in this series.

- Loves To Read

Hollywood Deception 
Hollywood Headlines Mysteries book #4 


Tabloid reporter Allie Quick thinks she has the hottest story in Hollywood when she lands an exclusive with the scandalous Bobby Baxter—host of the exposé TV show Bobby Tells All. But when Bobby turns up dead just hours before her interview, Allie wonders just whom he was planning to "tell all" about. Between an angry fan, a crew full of disgruntled employees, an estranged wife, and a list of secrets about to be exposed there's no shortage of people who wouldn't mind seeing Bobby cancelled permanently. And Allie isn't the only one digging—her rival is hot on her tail, and her editor-in-chief and maybe-boyfriend, Felix Dunn, isn't playing favorites when it comes to headlines. With the help of her eclectic co-workers at the L.A. Informer and a teenaged hacker with a major crush, Allie vows to get to the truth about Bobby's death...before the killer gets to her.

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I am sooooo happy that the

next book in this series is out! I love this series and have been waiting for the next book forever...and it doesn't disappoint! This was such a fun story. It had lots of twists and turns and really kept me guessing as to 'who dunnit.' I highly recommend this book, as well as the rest in the series.

- Step In2 Style

Who is the killer? What is

Allie's relationship with her boss, Felix? Is he into her or going off her? Will their relationship last? Who killed the very unlikable Bobby, star of his own TV cable show? And will Allie survive the bruises mounting up due to her reporter-nosing-gig? Enjoyable! 5 stars!

- author Angela Verdenius

Books in the Hollywood Headlines Mysteries Series

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