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Hollywood Headlines Mysteries


A great cozy mystery

to settle down with. I really love this series!

- Book Worm Reviews

Hollywood Homicide 
Hollywood Headlines Mysteries book #5 


Cameron Dakota, photographer and paparazzi for the L.A. Informer tabloid, thinks her relationship with movie star Trace Brody is her very own Hollywood happily-ever-after. That is until Trace proposes that the couple go on the reality TV show, Celebrity Relationship Rehab. While Trace assures her that it's just for publicity, and all the arguments are faked, Cam has her reservations. Reservations that prove to be well-founded when the host of the reality show winds up dead, and Cam suddenly finds herself in the middle of a real-life crime drama! 

Cam knows the police are on the wrong trail, and when the producers make the decision to keep filming despite the murder, it's up to her to ferret out the killer in their midst. Between a rap star with a reputation for violence, an aging soap opera star with a hidden past, a Kardashian-wanna-be, and the show's co-host and not-so-grieving widow, there are no shortage of people who would want the victim dead. Trapped in a house full of over-the-top suspects, forced into doing ridiculously hilarious relationship-saving drills, and with her every move watched by dozens of hidden cameras, Cam works to catch the story of her career and a cold blooded killer...before she finds herself canceled permanently!

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I have read all the

Hollywood Headlines books. They have all been good, but this is my absolute favorite!!!! We've met Cam and Trace in the previous books, but they are at the center of this book. I loved the idea of all the suspects staying at the mansion. There were a lot of twist and turns and quite a few laugh out loud moments!! This is just a great cozy mystery and I hope there will be more of this series in the future! Gemma Halliday is a great writer!!

- Shoe Lover Reviews

Great cozy murder mystery with an inside look at reality television and life as a celebrity.

- Mystery Lover  Reviews

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