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Hollywood Headlines Mysteries


Gemma Halliday's witty, entertaining writing style shines through in her new book! I look forward to seeing lots more of Tina as this series continues. A fun read!

- Fresh Fiction

Hollywood Scandals 
Hollywood Headlines Mysteries book #1 


Tina Bender is the gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid. She knows everything about everyone who's anyone. And she's not afraid to print it. That is, until she receives a threatening note, promising, "If you don't stop writing about me, you're dead." Suddenly finding out who's who in Hollywood has become a dangerous game of cat and mouse—one that Tina can't afford to lose! 
Now not only is Tina being benched by her managing editor (Felix Dunn from the High Heels Mysteries) and saddled with a hot bodyguard crimping her style, but she's also fighting a bubbly blonde newbie reporter for her own story! Add in a crew of eclectic tabloid reporters, an adventurous octogenarian aunt, one hilariously hapless trip to the "happiest place on earth," and an online romance heating up her life, and Tina has her work cut out for her uncovering which tabloid darling wants her cancelled for good. Is it the spoiled tween TV show starlet with secret, Pippi Mississippi? The raging rock star in rehab with a temper?  Or the movie producer on trial for inappropriate advances? All Tina knows is that when the threats turn into an actual dead body, the clock is ticking to find out which juicy piece of Hollywood gossip is worth killing over...before she becomes its next victim!  

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This first book in Halliday's

new Hollywood Headlines series is a fun story with intriguing characters and a good mystery. The action is fast paced, the hero is delightful and the heroine is spunky and independent but smart enough to know when she needs help. 4 stars!

- Romantic Times

A great start to a new series that I will definitely be following as Halliday writes the kind of books that just make you smile and put you in a great mood. They’re just so enjoyable and I would without a doubt recommend this book to romance and mystery readers alike.

- Enchanted by Books

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